You Don’t Need To Hear How Fat You Are…

You already know that right?

You see that blubber every time you take your clothes off or check yourself out in the mirror!

But what about your body’s muscle? If you’ve been training properly or have been with us at SQ1 for a period of time, you most definitely will have more muscle than the average person.

However you probably aren’t noticing it because you can’t see it hidden behind a winter coat of body fat.

None the less your muscle definition is there and waiting to reveal itself… it just needs a bit of help from you with two things.

1. Keep working out consistently, because when it comes to muscles, you lose what you don’t use!

2. Cut the shit from the diet, all that hard work in the gym is not being acknowledged due to your “winter coat” which is built by sugar, carbs, and empty calories.

Last night I got my body composition scan done at the gym, and yet again, it’s given me some great direction on where I need to tweak my training and diet to hit my goals.

And like most ppl, likely including yourself, I need to stick to my 2 rules above as well. Keep working out consistently, and cut the shit from the diet!

Here’s some of my stats from last nights scan to give you some insight on what a body composition scanner is able to pull up for you.


Above you can see my 3 main components to my composition scan (in kgs).

So you can see that based on my stats (height, age, gender etc – I’m a 6ft, male 38yrs at time of scan), i’m in a “normal” range for my weight at 82kgs.

I’m over the normal range for muscle weight at 40.5kgs, which i’m more than happy with,

and i’m in the normal range for fat mass at 10.5kgs of actual fat on my body…

This is the overview of the body composition…

But then we dive a little deeper…


Here we have my actual percentage of body fat, which is what most people like to talk about when discussing body comp scans… as you can see i’m at 12.8% and in a normal range.


And above we have my visceral fat level, which is super important! This is the fat around your belly and on your organs. (This is the most dangerous body fat to have). I’m in a nice safe low zone at level 4.

And below that is my Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) which is at 1915kcal. This means that my body burns 1,915 calories/energy per day as a baseline, without any additional exercise on top.

So that’s important, because it tells me that if I stick to a daily calorie intake of 1915 or less, an exercise as well, I will be in a calorie deficit, meaning I’ll burn up excess body fat and lose kgs.


And once you start to get regular scans, you get a comparison graph showing you your past results. You can see above my body fat percentage has fluctuated over the past 5 scans.

If you look at the spike of 17% body fat on the second column, it shows the response my body had when I injured my scapular doing a handstand and was unable to do much upper body strength training after that injury.

I obviously didn’t adjust my diet accordingly either… 🙂

But that was great for me to see because I was able to work on that, slowly build my upper body strength back up, and get back on track with my composition.


Here’s some more stats on my Visceral fat over the past 5 scans… Very minimal movement here, but good to know that I’m able to keep it relatively low overall…


And then an overall snapshot above of my comparisons of weight, muscle and fat in kilograms…

My obvious goal is to increase/maintain a high level of muscle mass, and reduce/maintain a low level of fat mass.

What the overall weight of my total body is, is really quite irrelevant when you break down the composition of your body.

And that’s the mindset I want you to switch to. Rather than focusing ONLY on what the scales say, let’s dive deeper, and get your composition stats, so we can be smarter about how you approach your health, fitness and weight loss.

Our next body scan at the gym is in 12 weeks, (when our Spring 8 week challenge finishes)… If you’d like to get these stats for yourself, and get smarter about your approach, let’s get this next scan done in a few months time. (reach out if you’d like to get your name on the list and join us) – You don’t have to be a member of our gym to get a body scan with us.

Start going to work now on increasing your muscle mass, reducing your fat mass, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout. And if you’d like some more tips on how to exactly do that, reach out via email, or give me a call, and I can get you on a program that will suit your lifestyle, and get you to your goals.

Time to get cracking!

Have a Healthy Day!



*These body comp scans were done by Richie from “The Best Me I Can Be” with the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyser. For more info you can reach Richie via