I Feel Lethargic And Have No Motivation!… (Help?)

Welcome to reality… Where we don’t always feel awesome and spritely every single day! 😀

As much as instagram would have us believe everyday is the best damn day ever, and everyone else is crushing life except you… It’s not surprisingly… Not true at all.

If you’re a human like me, your energy, motivation, mood, and overall well being fluctuates!

But you don’t have to beat yourself up about it, or wonder what’s wrong with you because It’s part of the human experience.

But if you’re finding yourself in a bit of a rut lately, and feeling down, low on energy, or overall flat, for most of the time, or more than not, then you want to look deeper into why you’re feeling like this.

Something that’s been a big interest for me since age 14 has been personal development. Not sure why, but I was that weird kid on the bus reading “The Power Of Positive Thinking” and listening to cd’s of Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” program.

I’ve always been interested in how I can get more out of life, and have the best experiences possible. And these books and programs helped by giving me tools and strategies for making that happen.

And what I’ve learnt is that there are things we can do everyday to improve how we feel, and what we accomplish in our lives.

It’s important to understand that everyone is different and has different circumstances, however for the most part, when people aren’t feeling too good emotionally, and aren’t sure why, it’s because of this one thing…

There’s no progress happening in your life. 

Is this true for you?

It might be no progress in just one particular area of your life, like career, or relationship, or money, or health. Or it could be your whole life! Like nothing is going right for you at the moment. If the problem is big enough, and important enough, it can ruin your whole experience of life, because the emotions that are attached to that thing can get the better of you, and bring your vibe down!

I’ve learnt some practical strategies to break out of these rut’s. Here are some of them that can create an immediate, lasting impact on you.

#1. Get Clarity On Your Reality – meaning, what’s going on in your life that’s not the best ever? I like to do a little exercise called the “wheel of life”, where I I.D the 5-8 areas of my life that are most important to me. e.g…

Health/Fitness, Business/Career, Relationships/Love, Family, Friends, Money, Travel, Spirituality/Religion, Education.

It’s different for everyone, but not a hard task to identify these important areas of your life.

Once you know the key areas, you give yourself a score out of 10, for how fulfilled you are in that space. So if your greatest desire is to become a millionaire, but you’re barely scraping together rent each week, you’d likely rate yourself low in that area.

Once you’ve scored yourself, you’ll soon realise the major problem areas. For most, it’s 1, 2 or 3 areas that really need a lot of work, and the others aren’t as urgent. Now you have something to work with.

The question you have to ask, is are you progressing in that area, and what does progress really mean for that area?

#2 Set Goals – You know what’s important to you, now it’s time to set some goals. But they have to be things that you can action daily. So for example, you might really need to get in shape. That’s a great goal, but doesn’t give you any clarity on what actions to take, so it’s better to set goals of following a regular workout program and diet. Things that you know will move you closer to getting into shape and turning your health around.

Goals aren’t made to be broken. They are made to be accomplished. If you set a goal, get serious about it, it’s critical to do that, because achieving goals, even if little ones, boost your self-esteem and build momentum that lead to bigger accomplishments.

#3 Be Accountable To Yourself – Setting goals and improving your life like we’re discussing are never urgent. But they are extremely important. Unless you’re paying for a coach to hold you accountable, no one will do it for you. You need to count on yourself, and back yourself. Just remember why it’s important to you.

We’re much more likely to let ourselves down before we let others around us down, which is why it’s a great idea to buy accountability. Laying down a bit of cash towards achieving your goals is a great investment in yourself, and having some skin in the game will give you that extra element of motivation.

#4 Track progress and keep raising the bar – What happens when you reach your weight loss goal? Then what? (Boring)… You lose motivation and increase your chances of re-gaining the weight. So you have to set a new standard for yourself. Because there’s no end game. We’re always evolving, growing, and getting better. We’re either growing or we’re dying. And there’s no in-between, so we need to stay focused.

The above 4 steps will guarantee you progress in your life, and you’ll feel fulfilled when you start to see the progress happening in your life.

The one common denominator is YOU. It’s you who has control over what you achieve, and fail at.

In Summary: 

You Need Progress In Your Life!

#1 – Get clarity on your reality

#2 – Set Goals

#3 – Be accountable to yourself

#4 – Track progress and keep raising the bar

I wish you well on your life long journey to fulfillment and happiness! And know that you’re not alone. We’re all on the same path, some of us just haven’t realised what’s going on! 🙂