HELP! I’ve Been Training Hard And My Body Isn’t Changing!

This is the common cry for help that we hear…

There’s a reason it’s so common. It’s because there’s 2 sides to every coin, and when it comes to your health, fitness and fat loss the two sides are;

Exercise, and Nutrition. 

Most people are focusing on one side only… The exercise side.

If you’ve been busting your ass for days, weeks, months, even years with exercise, and don’t feel like your body is changing at the rate you think it should be, the problem could be the one sided approach that you’re taking.

In some cases it’s not always as black and white as this. Some people have hormone imbalances, which can totally throw everything out and mess you up. In this case, you’ve got a lot of work to do, researching, testing, speaking with specialists, and cracking the code of your body and how it responds to things, and what works. And in most cases, it will still come back to exercise and nutrition.

However, for 90% plus of people, what’s throwing you out is quite simply your diet. it’s a change of approach that get’s the job done.

Here’s some of the common issues I see very often…

1. Nutrition and exercise is good Mon-Fri and all rules go out the window on the weekends – Unfortunately this doesn’t work, particularly when you have a lot of body fat to lose. You can get away with this when you’re at a healthy weight. If you’re a weekend binger and still need to lose lot’s of body fat, you’re jumping the gun. You likely require more consistent discipline, particularly with nutrition (even on the weekends), and you’ll need to do this for at least 6-12 weeks to get any significant change.

Hurry and get to your healthy weight range so you can let your hair down on the weekends and have a bit of fun. Then it will only take 2-4 days to get back on track. Kate, myself, and the entire SQ1 team are able to do this. It’s not that we just don’t get fat. We can get just as fat as anyone. But our lifestyles and our actions don’t allow it. And there’s room for fun from time to time!

2. You put your family before your health – This is a tough one. When you’re on an airplane and they are running through the emergency procedures, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, then help those around you. Why do you think this is? I think it’s so you are in a position to help others. So you’ve got to take care of priority #1 first. That’s YOU! If you see your highest priority as your family, that’s even more reason to take care of yourself first, so you’re strong, fit, healthy and empowered to help the ones you love. Sometimes we have guilt around taking care of ourselves first. This is something you’re going to have to spend some time working through if you fall into this category. You probably can see that it’s not working out very well for your health, fitness and waistline! Talk to your family, let them know that you’re not as effective as a carer when you’re not healthy and happy yourself. Ask your family to take on some extra responsibilities to lower your workload so you can get to regular workouts, and think, and plan your nutrition better. The entire family unit will become more functional when you do this, and it will inspire them to do the same to improve their health too!

3. Overall Lack of Commitment and Effort – For some, you’re just not acknowledging that it takes more. More time, money, effort, forward thinking, preparation, and hard work to reach your goal. When it comes to your health, there’s no luck involved. You either put in the work and get the result, or you don’t put in the work, and don’t get the result. And this isn’t just about showing up. Yes, that’s usually the hardest part. Showing up to workouts is only step one. What you do in that workout really matters as well. Are you focused when you’re in the gym? Or are you thinking about things outside of the gym? Or are you concentrating on doing each exercise correctly and with intensity? – Getting focused means being present. Not just in the gym, but in everything you do. When you’re exercising, you don’t need to think about work, or anything else. You MUST focus on what you’re doing. That’s being present. When you’re at work, you need to be present and focus on work. When you’re with your partner, or your kids, or family, you need to be present with them. This is how you find fulfillment. Being present. Do some research and experimentation with meditation if you struggle to be present and in the moment. And switch off the distractions around you.

Final Thought – Take a look at the overall health and wellbeing of our nation. Even our entire world population. For the most part, we’re sick, unhealthy, overweight, and unhappy. I know it sounds quite pessimistic, however we have to be real about our environment and those around us. When I look through my eyes at our society, I rate the majority of people as unhealthy, unfit, and overweight. Location of demographic is always a factor, and there’s a mix of all types in all places, but that’s just my personal observation. And we each need to take personal responsibility for it, and lead by example to make a change.

What are your thoughts on this?

And what’s been holding you back from having the best health you can have?

9 times out of 10, the thing holding us all back is ourselves.

Here’s one of our recent weight loss success stories…

Anyone can make a positive change. And it can happen fast!!

Just take a look at Luba. 

If you haven’t seen Luba, she’s been working out with us over the last month, and joined our transformation challenge. 

This is what she’s accomplished in just 4 short weeks…

6.5kg weight loss

6.5cm from the waistline

4.5cm from the hips

and 5cm from the upper back and bust


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