2.2kgs down in 2 hours! (weight loss hack)

If you want to lose a few kilos, I want to make it clear that there are NO QUICK FIXES.

The ONLY way to get healthy, permanent weight loss is via consistently eating healthy food, and exercising regularly.

The key word there is consistently.

The weight loss hack i’m about to share is not for people wanting a quick fix in between a shit diet, shit lifestyle, and lazy attitude.

That’s not what the SQ1 Fam is about!

But if you’re willing to grind, and do the daily work of meal prepping, eating home cooked meals, not binging on crap at the end of the week, and you’re not too lazy to exercise most, if not all days…

Then I want to teach you something really cool.

Many of the SQ1 Fam know this hack, and have used it successfully, but many of our new members don’t, so it’s a re-share from a video I did 3 years ago to get everyone up to speed.

It’s called a salt flush.

And before I get into it, there are 4 critical steps that you MUST follow to avoid a disaster!

1. Must be done on an empty stomach (at least 8-10 hours without food) – best done first thing in the AM with a light meal the night before.

2. Must use correct salt (natural sea or rock salt only)

3. Must not be done during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, or if on prescription medication of any kind.

4. Must allow 2 hours for the detox, and have unrestricted access to your bathroom.

If you fail to follow the above 4 steps, this detox will not work for you.

Check out the video below of me actually doing the salt flush detox.

Why does the salt flush work so well?

Over time our digestive system needs a clean out. Think of it as flushing out the pipes.

The reason is because we get a build up of undigested food stuck to the walls of our intestine. This limits our ability to absorb nutrients properly, and it also limits our ability to digest and process food effectively.

When this happens, (which it does to all of us), it alters our gut health, lowers our energy, slows down digestion, leads to weight gain, and brings down our immune system which lowers our defense against disease.

So although this brings on rapid weight loss, the bigger benefit is longevity, reduced risk of illness, and a great sense of wellbeing.

I love seeing my SQ1 Fam lose weight, but i’m more interested in helping you all feel amazing, stay healthy, and live a long high quality of life.

You can do this salt flush 4 to 12 times per year if you find it beneficial for you.

I’ve done in excess of 20 salt flushes, and find the results amazing.

I think you’ll like to give this one a go.