I Lost 3kgs In 21 Days… Here’s how.

See those abs???

You’re probably thinking I did a lot of situps to get those abs right?

But I did zero sit-ups.

And you’re probably thinking I turned up my training intensity, frequency, and volume way up too right?

Wrong. I didn’t change a thing with my training.

So how did I lose 3kgs and sculpt my mid-section without ab workouts and extra training?

If you’ve spent even 30 minutes hanging out with me you’ll likely already know the answer…

It’s 100% diet related.

Probably not what you wanted to hear right?

Sorry to break it to you. But if you don’t have popping abs, you have a bad diet.

See, belly fat is the worst kind of fat there is.

And there are 2 different types of belly fat.

1. Subcutaneous fat

2. Visceral fat

If you don’t have visible abs, you probably have both types of belly fat.

Subcutaneous fat is directly under the skin. Surface fat. It’s ugly, uncomfortable, and obvious. But this type of belly fat is not as dangerous as Visceral.

Visceral fat is known as “deep fat” that’s stored further underneath the skin than subcutaneous fat.

It’s a form of gel-like fat that’s actually wrapped around major organs, including the liver, pancreas and kidneys.​

You especially don’t want this type of belly fat!

If you have a protruding belly and large waist, that’s a clear sign you’re storing dangerous visceral fat. While it’s most noticeable and pronounced in obese individuals, anyone can have visceral fat, many without even knowing it.​

Visceral fat is especially dangerous because, as you’ll find out, these fat cells do more than just sit there and cause your pants to feel tight — they also change the way your body operates.

Carrying around excess visceral fat is linked with an increased risk for:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep disorders

Visceral fat is considered toxic and spells double-trouble in the body because it’s capable of provoking inflammatory pathways, plus signaling molecules that can interfere with the body’s normal hormonal functions. In fact, it acts almost like its very own organ since it’s capable of having such a large impact on the body.

Pretty bad huh?

So the point of this blog isn’t to show off my abs, it’s to show you the importance of a lean waistline, and how to get your own waistline slim and trim!

If you’re interested in this, keep reading, coz I’ll show you EXACTLY what I did to reduce my belly fat in 5 simple steps that ANYONE can do with the right mindset…

Step #1: Acknowledge you have a problem that needs to be addressed, and take it seriously. Just because the majority of people are walking around with dangerous visceral belly fat doesn’t make it OK for you to have it. IT’S NOT OK! Turn your “should” to a “must” and level up your personal standard of health.

Step #2: Get backing from your family, friends and colleagues. It’s not OK for your partner to NOT support your health goals. If your partner doesn’t have health standards as high as you need them to be, it’s your responsibility to not only be a positive influence for them, but to also lead by example, and stick to your values of better health.

Step #3: Get on a diet! I know, I know, diet’s suck right? They don’t work right? WRONG! It’s YOU that’s not working. It’s never the diet that’s not working. Just about ANY diet will work if you stick to it! And to reduce belly fat it comes down to 4 key dietary actions.

1. No sugar (it’s in everything so be careful)

2. Low carbs (only good quality carbs allowed)

3. Calorie restriction (don’t be scared to feel hungry)

4. Hydration (water, water, water, then more water)

If you do these 4 things in your own personal way that works for you, then the dangerous belly fat will disappear forever!

Step #4: Get into a consistent routine. A healthy routine is critical for your belly fat reduction. You cannot quit on your daily healthy habits. These should include;

1. Get enough sleep (amount varies person to person)

2. Start your morning in flight mode. (health comes first, not facebook, instagram, email, and voicemails). Get your personal health tasks completed before you work on other people’s requests and demands.

3. Hydrate First (1 litre of water with lemon is the best start to any day). Anywhere from 2-4 litres per day is a healthy range of water consumption, depending on your body weight.

4. Plan your food for the day/week ahead (if you fail to plan, you’re automatically planning to fail) You can’t wing this stuff. Get serious about what you eat and PLAN!

5. Use a health diary – track your performance, what you eat, when, and how frequently you exercise. Set daily health goals and targets and tick them off each day. You won’t remember this stuff in your head, don’t bother trying to. It doesn’t work. Cast the spell by spelling it out on paper!

Step #5: Persist! Even when it’s hard as hell. Yeah, it’s not easy, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Was that uni degree you have easy? Or raising those beautiful kids you have?, or maintaining happy relationships? Or performing at your work at a high level? Look, when you accomplish great health, just like anything else, it builds character, integrity, discipline and CONFIDENCE. And it makes you a better person all round.

This is how I maintain a high quality of health. I’m not special. I’m not gifted, and I’m no different to you or anyone else. I just get to business and block out the distractions, and I don’t stop until I reach my goal.

You can do it too… But as I said, it’s hard. So make it as easy on yourself as you can, by following my 5 steps above, and if you follow through with it, you will DEFINITELY have popping abs, a lean body, and ultimate health!

I hope this inspires you to take it to the next level. You have the entire SQ1 Fitness team backing you and supporting you 1000%

Let’s G.S.D! (That’s Get Shit Done for those who don’t know)