The Best (And Fastest) Way To Tone Up & Burn Fat!

Now that all the partying and celebrating is over with, it’s time to focus on your health for 2018.

And so I want to share with your how you can get Toned up, and Burn Fat in the most effective and fastest way possible… (In just 4 simple steps). 

No, there are no magic pills, so don’t go there… Because you’ll lose.

I’m sure deep down, you know that already.

Getting fit, lean and healthy requires some effort and lifestyle changes.

And my life’s path, or mission, is to show people how to successfully achieve great, and lasting health.

I’ve managed to achieve it for myself, and from my experience and training in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and personal development, I’ve also helped hundreds of other people get there too.

And you’re next on my list! 😉

​It all starts with how you THINK and what you tell yourself.

Step #1

A positive mindset is the first step. If your head isn’t in the game, forget it. You’ll fail miserably!

So firstly, get focused and positive about healthy changes to your lifestyle.

You can do this by setting some practical goals with actionable daily tasks to complete.

HINT: Focus on the key areas of exercise, nutrition, water intake, and quality sleep. (this is where the gold is)

Step #2

Next, you need a consistent workout routine. And when I say consistent, I mean working out at least 5 times per week, every week, with no slacking off.

If you can’t get to the gym that often, just choose a follow-along workout from my Home Workout Library HERE and get started today! (no gym or equipment necessary).

Step #3

The next step is to create your RULES around what you can and can not eat.

If you’re currently overweight right now, it’s because of your diet. If you don’t agree with that, stop eating as see what happens to your body fat. (it becomes your energy source).

You might eat your veggies every night for dinner, and have a relatively “healthy” diet, but for most of us, it’s the in between snacking, and high calorie beverages that are keeping us fat and unhealthy.

When you combine healthy meals, alongside healthy snacks, like nuts and raw fruits and vegetables, and cut out the high calorie bevvies, you will burn the fat.

Step #4

Get your rest. At least 7 hours is necessary for most of us, but could be more, could be less for you. It will be somewhere between 6 and 8 hours. You’ll have to test and see what works for you.

When you get a good night’s sleep, your body metabolises fat better, gives you more energy in the morning, and helps your body recover faster from workouts, which gives you faster, noticable results.

My Personal Rules.

I have a daily goal of drinking 3 litres of spring water.

Exercising (resistance training) 5 times per week.

Running a total of 10kms each week (broken up if necessary).

Sleeping at least 7 hours each night.

And eating a big salad every day, with healthy snacking throughout the day.  ​

I stick to these above rules, and I don’t get fat or have a drop in fitness or strength.

My weight fluctuates like all human beings do, however I only fluctuate around 1kg either side of my ideal weight. And this is because of my consistent routine.

You can do this too. (remember Step #1).

But most people are full of excuses, with the biggest (and worst) excuse being, I don’t have the will power, or i’m not motivated.

Will power and motivation are irrelevant. We’re human. Our emotions and energy fluctuates constantly. And the healthier we are, the less it is a problem.

Being successful at anything, means doing what needs to be done, on a consistent basis, regardless of how you feel about it.

If you have children you’d know all about it. When are you ever inspired or motivated to change a nappy? or get out of bed at 2am to nurse a crying baby?

Likely never. But you do it anyway, because you have a higher purpose. Keep your baby alive!

Now you’ve got to keep yourself alive! So time to put in the work everyday.

If you do, here’s what can happen… 

You can lose up to 1kg every week

You can have more energy all day long

You can change the shape of your body

You can feel happier and more confident

You can meet new people that are health conscious

You can fast track your results by working with pros.

So are you ready for this? 

I hope this is useful for you, and you’re ready to commit to a healthier, higher quality life in 2018.

Have a great day!