How High Is Your Success Ceiling?

We all have what I call a “Success Ceiling” that we subconsciously set for ourselves as to how much success we can experience in our life.

Whether it’s how much weight we can lose,

How much money we can earn,

How good of a relationship we can have,

How strong, fit, healthy we can be,

And so on…

And we’re all at different levels, and on different paths towards what we deem to be success, or fulfillment, or happiness in life.

So this “success ceiling” that we create for ourselves is limited only by 3 things.

When we learn what these 3 things are, we can recognise our patterns and behaviours, and where we are creating a success ceiling for ourselves.


I’d like to share these 3 steps to breaking through your success ceiling today.


1. YOUR STRATEGY – It’s logical to say that for any successful venture, you need a successful strategy. This is why all professional sports teams have coaches.

Understanding what strategy you need to achieve your goal is critical. If it’s weight loss, you must have a nutrition strategy, an exercise strategy, a hydration strategy, a rejuvenation strategy, and a lifestyle strategy!

We so often try to “wing it”, but usually that doesn’t work so well. Taking a more serious and strategic approach to achieving your desired success is definitely the way forward.

If you need more clarity on your strategy, find some resources that can help you figure one out. Books, Youtube, articles, mentors, coaches, etc.


2. YOUR STORY – The second step to breaking through your success ceiling, is the story you tell yourself.

I’ll give you a good example. In my early teens when I was developing my skills as a basketball player, I was terrible at free throws. (these are foul shots you get when the other team is penalised). What should be the easiest shot in the game, was the hardest for me.

I over analysed this shot, to the point where I looked at it as a completely different type of shot, with different mechanics. So every time I was at the free throw line, I was trying to get my mechanics of the shot correct, instead of just trusting the practice, and shooting naturally, like all of my other shots.

By over thinking it, I was terrible. And the “story” I was telling myself, was “It’s a hard shot and requires specific mechanics to be mastered”.

This story was keeping me in a failure loop.

It wasn’t until I changed my story, that my shot improved. My new story eventually became “It’s no different to any other shot I take, I’m a great shooter, trust in the hours of shooting you’ve put in, and don’t over think it”.

Well, that worked instantly, and my accuracy percentage went from 30% to 90% just like that.

We all make up a story as to why we can or can’t be, do, or have something.

Why can’t you lose weight?

Why can’t you get a new job?

Why can’t you quit your job?

Why can’t you find the love of your life?

Why can’t you make more money?

Why can’t you relocate?

Why is it hard for you to achieve your goal?

Listen to the story you’re automatically telling yourself. It gives great insight as to why you’re progressing or not progressing.

We need to think BIG to break through these success ceilings!


3. YOUR STATE – The final piece to this puzzle is how you manage your state.

When things don’t go your way, do your get angry?

Do you cry?

Do you retreat?

Or do you eat?

What about your general state of emotions overall. Are you in control of your state 100% of the time?

Do you lose control of your state often?

Usually your emotional state is dictated by your stories. When you find more empowering stories, it gives you a positive mental and emotional state.

(and we’re CONSTANTLY making up stories to understand the world around us).

I’ve found that everyone of us fluctuates regularly. And the best approach is to notice when you’re in a negative state, and gently pull yourself back to a calm, confident state of being.

How we do this is different for everyone.

For me, I use my breath. I take deep breaths, filling my belly with each inhale, and relaxing with each exhale. And I combine this with an empowering story.

I started doing this as a way to curb the nervous when I first started public speaking.

I had 100% confidence to stand in front of a boxing or bootcamp class of 30 people and direct them through a workout, but if it was in a board room with the same amount of people or even less, all of a sudden I was nervous!

So I changed my story, and told myself that it was EXACTLY the same as running a bootcamp class.

This story, combined with the breathing exercise worked every time!

I also use this breathing technique when I’m working out, reading, playing basketball, and of course, it’s the focus point when I meditate.

It quietens the mind, and gives you a state of peace.

Unfortunately most people manage their states in unhealthy or negative ways. Such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, or just being an asshole and taking it out on those around us.

So in summary, if you don’t want to be an asshole, learn to better manage your state! lol.

Back to the point though, in my experience, these 3 steps can make a massive improvement to your levels of success.


I encourage you to focus on these 3 areas, and see if it can help you reach your next big goal!

Have a great and healthy week ahead!