My Biggest Problem!

When I was 27 I had a big problem. And I needed to figure out how to fix it ASAP, because my life depended on it.

Similar to many others, my big problem was my health.

More specifically, it was my lifestyle that was causing my high levels of stress, lack of energy, and poor choices with nutrition and rejuvenation.

I used to work in a job that was stressful and demanding of my time.

I used coffee as my primary source of energy.

I ate McDonalds at least once per week, sometimes up to 3 times in a week.

I sacrificed sleep for late nights of watching TV.

And most weekends I stayed out late consuming alcohol, and at times recreational drugs of many varieties.

I wasn’t taking care of myself, and didn’t really give it much thought. I guess I assumed I was young, and would be able to handle the lifestyle.

I was wrong. It all caught up with me, and as painful as it was in my darkest hour, it needed to happen to wake me up!

I realised something awesome!

I’M NOT BULLETPROOF! …shit catches up with you.

It humbled me.

So I got my shit together.

I knew I had to make a big change to make a big difference in my life.

So I came up with a plan that would not only solve, but KILL my biggest problem.

As a result, It turned my lifestyle upside down.

I had heart surgery to fix a “glitch” (scary experience)

I quit my job. (My main cause of stress).

I relocated where I lived.

I studied Personal Training, nutrition & life coaching.

I started my business.

I started running, eating healthy, and living my ultimate lifestyle, stress free, doing what I love.

I KILLED My Biggest Problem!

And I’ve broken down the actual process that I went through, so you can KILL your biggest problem using this system too.

Whether it’s a health problem, career problem, relationship problem, financial, or any other. This will help you Kill it!

It’s a simple 4 step process.

I hope it helps…


I needed to improve my health by firstly lowering my stress, going through some surgery, and living healthier overall.

So my goal was to transform my lifestyle and have the best health and life ever!

​By doing this I became excited about the future I dreamed of. This alone improved my wellbeing.

Write down your biggest problem on paper, and then re-write it as a goal.


My strategy was firstly to change my career. So I asked myself, what I wanted in a career.

I wanted to own my own business, to be independent, and do something that is good for my health and will help other people too. Becoming a Personal Trainer was my answer.

The strategy included studying in the evenings to get my qualifications, while still working my other job, researching how to start a business, and get clients, saving as much money as I could,

and applying the health principles that I was learning to my own life.

Write down your strategy to achieve your goal.


I had to get certified as a Personal Trainer before I could quit my job and start a fitness business. So that was one of the things I could execute on immediately.

I could also start running every morning. And eating healthy. And meditating. I wrote out all the action steps I needed to do in my execution plan so I knew what needed to be done and by when.

Write out an execution plan based on your strategy.

Remember… your strategy is based on your goal, and your goal is designed to solve your biggest problem!

Step #4 – BE AN EXECUTIONER… (And Kill Your Problem)

Most people stop at step 3 or earlier. This is where the rubber meets the road, right here at step 4.

This is where getting shit done is more important than ever.

This is where taking extreme responsibility for your life is more important than ever.

Without step 4, and executing on my plan, nothing would have changed for me.

It was very scary and uncomfortable to do some of the things that I needed to do to change my life.

I went WAY out of my comfort zone to have surgery, to quit my job, and make a complete career switch, to start my own business and rely on only myself for survival.

But as scary as it all sounds, I stumbled my way through it all, not always gracefully, and I’ve managed to succeed.

And you can too!

Your biggest problem is nothing more than a hidden goal that when turned into a strategy, with an execution plan, will be killed by it’s executioner… You.

I hope this has inspired you to face your problems head on, and use this 4 step process to go out there and kill it!

Have the best day ever.