The Power Of Sacrifice

Yesterday Kate, myself and a couple of close friends went to LUNA PARK!

But not for the reason that most people go to this awesome and iconic theme park!

No, we weren’t there for “funny town” or “dodgem city”

Instead, we were there from about 730am through to about 6pm sitting in a room with about two or three hundred other people to educate ourselves on business and personal success.

It was actually a keynote speech from Gary Vaynerchuk, with six other speakers before him, all talking about how to increase success in life and business.

And I noticed that I was sitting in the room with a very small percentage of people who think like me.

People who are success driven and want to make the most out of their experience of life.

I love to learn from those who are ahead of us, as their experiences and knowledge can fast track us and guide us to achieving our goals and dreams.

And it was incredibly educational and inspiring.

But I wouldn’t have learn’t a thing without first sacrificing my entire day and night to attend this event.

Firstly, I had to make that sacrifice, and get out of my comfort zone, in order to get educated and inspired.

Not the other way around.

Lot’s of people don’t want to make sacrifices in order to achieve whatever success they desire, whether it be in health, business, finance, love, career etc…

It doesn’t matter WHAT we want out of our lives, whatever it is, if you don’t have it today, it’s highly likely that some form of sacrifice is required for you to be, do, or have that thing you want!

And it made me think about this very common self-limiting belief that many of us have around achievement and success.

We often don’t want to FIRST make the sacrifice, rather, we want the success to come to us while we sit in our comfy little space that doesn’t challenge us.

Looking back…

I didn’t get strong and my bench press until I started doing it every week, and pushing my boundaries as to how heavy I could go.

Was it frightening to lie down under a bar with 100kgs loaded on it wondering if it’s going to crush my chest as soon as I take it of the rack?

HELL YEAH IT WAS… And still is to a degree!

My sacrifice: I went to the gym instead of hanging out with my friends, or watching TV or being lazy.

And I didn’t get good at playing basketball until I got my ass kicked in 7th grade by the bigger, stronger year 9 & 10 players at high school, and started practicing my fundamentals every morning and afternoon until I could keep up with the bigger boys, and actually be competitive.

My sacrifice: I skipped out on my education, didn’t do my homework and assignments, didn’t “hang” with my school buddies before and after school. Instead, I practiced my skills as though I was gonna be the next Michael Jordan.

And when I started SQ1 Fitness over 7 years ago, I really didn’t know a single thing about starting a business, being an independent trainer with no mentor, support, or structure to follow etc… I had to figure it all out on my own. Which was all outside of my comfort zone.

My sacrifice: I quit my career in I.T which was bringing in an easy six figures each year, I said goodbye to colleagues I worked with, I invested dollars into my new career, and education, and I gave up my social life almost completely to get SQ1 up and off the ground so I could start pulling an income from it again to survive.

And I would not have succeeded in an of the above examples described, had I not FIRST stepped out of my comfort zone, and made sacrifices in order to see a beneficial result down the track.

So i’m interested to know about your experiences.

Are you making sacrifices to get healthy? or have you done in the past?

Or are you sacrificing your health, to stay in your comfort zone?

Either way a sacrifice will be made, so you have to decide what it is you want to sacrifice, and what you want to achieve in your life.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone today, this week, and for the rest of the year.

When you get clear on what’s important to you, it’s an easy decision.

Have the best day ever!