Why Are You Slacking Off?



If you’ve been slacking off with your fitness and health lately, you need to ask yourself why…

You’ll probably find that you have a lame excuse for why you’ve been slacking off.

…And you’re only letting yourself down by making excuses for not taking care of your most important asset, being your physical body!


Here are 3 of the most common reasons that I hear for why people are not exercising… 

1. “I’m just too lazy” – I appreciate the honesty here. Some people flat out say that they are too lazy to exercise. Ok, well that may be so. But does your past feelings and actions dictate your future ones?

Just because you’ve BEEN lazy, doesn’t mean you must continue to be that way.

Whatever you tell yourself, about yourself, is what you become. It’s the subtle unconscious commands that you’re giving to yourself daily that impacts your actions, feelings, thoughts, and quality of health.

Changing how you speak to yourself is the first step towards loving yourself more, taking care of yourself, and putting your health above everything else.

It matters that much!

Being lazy is lame, and will only end in pain.


2. “I don’t have TIME” – This one is a complete hand-over of all responsibility for your health.

This makes us a victim. (‘It’s not my fault’ mindset)

If you use this excuse, you’ll be in for a big surprise when it catches up with you. I really don’t want that for you, because when you make excuses for not living a healthy life, eventually, your health and quality of life declines (if it hasn’t already), and then you have to jump into “reaction mode” which isn’t cool, because when that happens you’re usually dealing with a symptom of some sort that is negatively impacting your life.

The misconception with time, is that we all seem to think it’s the variable in our lives. In other words, we’re blaming poor, innocent, time. When really, we’re responsible for our actions, and the commitments we choose to take on in our lives that fill up our days.

Is your day full of things that don’t bring you a high level of value?

Are you blowing time on non-essential activities?

Here’s the thing with time… It’s fixed to 24 hours. It always was, and always will be. It never changes. It never will.

So if time won’t change, and you won’t change… Then nothing changes!!

I don’t doubt that you’re a busy person. I am too! And that’s why our beliefs about time are critical!

Managing time is really about managing your energy. Because the more energy you have, the better you can steer yourself towards doing what matters to you most in the limited time we have available to us.

Take ownership of your energy within the realm of time. Change your perspective from outward, to inward, change your actions to give you more energy, and direct that energy towards what matters most.

Not owning the responsibility for your current life situation is not helping you, and wont get you anywhere or give you anything in life.


3. It’s not a priority for you – For some of us, it’s just not that important. There are many functional humans walking around that don’t give a shit about their health or fitness. They seem fine right?

Not really… You might feel ok today, but if we’re not looking at the long term, big picture, we lose. Just like a game of chess. You always have to be a move ahead of your opponent to win. Same with health. YOU are your opponent. You’re battling against yourself to make changes to your lifestyle, to become fit and healthy.

Most people who don’t exercise and eat well, actually don’t know what it’s like to feel really good, because they’ve never experienced such a high quality of health and vitality. You don’t know what you don’t know right!?

The important thing here, is that you want to be around for a long time, and you want to feel good while you’re around. Feeling fit when you’re 80, 90, even 100 years old is not a pipe dream. It’s the goal!

It’s starts today! And it’s possible!

If you’ve related to any of the above, you’re definitely not alone, because I hear these 3 excuses ALL THE TIME!

And I can see how that fails people over and over again.

It all begins with your brain, and how you think about things. When you get your brain thinking clear, everything changes.

So hopefully, you’ve identified some things that maybe you do, and need to make a change. And yes, it’s hard, there’s no denying that good things aren’t often easy to attain! And health is one of them.

And support is necessary for most of us.

My mission in life is to help people understand the importance of health, and show them how to attain it without all the mistakes and pitfalls that come along with it! This is what coaching is all about. Fast tracking you to what you want most!

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And if you’re not, I assume you health and fitness is perfectly under control, and you don’t need me to help you lean up, reveal some abdominal muscle, and lose that excess fat.

And I praise you if you’re already in a good place with your health and fitness. (we are the minority)!

I hope this was useful for you.