These Success Stories Will Inspire You!

I want to introduce you to some of my friends…

Meet Grace.

After competing in some of our transformation challenges, changing her diet, and attending our group classes, she’s now down 12kgs and heaps stronger, fitter, and looking amazing!

Grace’s consistency this year is what got her these fantastic results.

Healthy habits, like drinking over 2 litres of water everyday and increasing her veggie intake were what made the difference!

Not just for 1 day, or 1 week, but month after month of it. Over time, the results reveal themselves to you, just like it has for Grace.

That’s how it’s done! 😉


Now i’d like you to meet Tom! ​So far this year, Tom has lost 9kgs, and increased his strength massively!

He’s literally gone from lifting 8kg kettlebells, to deadlifting 100kgs! Incredible!

Tom trains 4-6 times per week, and has done so with us all year. He’s got a routine with his nutrition, and he’s getting healthier every day!


This is Sandy. She has been working hard all year, and recently hit her weight loss goal of 10kgs and is looking and feeling fab!

Sandy upped her training, made BIG changes with her food, started drinking lots of water, and BAM! Now she’s super happy with what she’s accomplished in a short period of time! 🙂


And lastly, meet Elisabeth! 10kgs down this year so far, way fitter and healthier, and loving her training at SQ1, getting in 4-6 workouts each week, the hard work is paying off.

And it will for you too.

Discipline and clarity on the level of health you want to experience is the first step that these guys took.


When you’re clear on your health and fitness goals, it’s easier to take the best actions to get you there. You know what you need. (Nutrition upgrade, more exercise, less binging etc).

​At SQ1 Fitness, we’re focused on your health and fitness goals, and we’ve found that we can fast track peoples fat loss, and increased fitness and strength, as well as build out and overall healthy new routine.

Do you need to get on the fast track to fat loss, better fitness, more strength, and an overall healthy routine?

If you haven’t been motivated to exercise and live the healthy lifestyle

And you’re not getting the weight loss and body shape you want, or fast enough,

And you know you’re eating bad food, but can’t stop it.

You need to get help! 

There’s 3 things that will snap you out of your unhealthy ways. IF… You do them, and stick with them! The reason why most people fail at living the healthy lifestyle is linked to the 3 things listed here. When you read this, think about how it relates to your own behaviours.

1. DECIDE – Stop bull shitting yourself and make the decision to OWN your health, fitness and lifestyle. No one can do this for you. You must hold yourself responsible for your health. Health is a mental game, not a physical one. There are no shortcuts to great health, which is why now is the best time to get started. Living healthy is a life-long commitment. Approach it with a long term mindset and you’ll last longer! 😉

2. COMMIT – Make the commitment to yourself, to not let yourself down any longer. It’s time to take some actions. The more self discipline you apply to your healthy lifestyle, the higher your self esteem, the better human being you become. You come first. Get serious about a healthy lifestyle. This means committing to a healthy routine that includes exercise, healthy eating, hydration, rejuvenation, and joy!

3. SCHEDULE – Get a Health & Fitness Diary and book in your training, your meal prep days, your sleep, and everything else that’s important to your health upgrade. Your goals, your measurements, weight, “before” photos, “after” photos, etc.

‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ – Tony Robbins.

These 3 things along with a support team of motivated, fit and healthy people around you, will GUARANTEE your health success! Now it’s time for you to get started on that upgrade!

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Have a great day!