5 Must-Do’s To Get Fit In Winter

Winter can take a lot more mental effort to stick to your fitness routine, there’s no denying it.

That’s why there’s one big difference between those who are fit, lean and healthy, versus those who aren’t.

Both fit and unfit people experience the same ups and downs in winter. Sometimes you can feel demotivated, and less inspired to exercise on a cold morning compared to a warm sunny, summers morning.

The difference is that the fit person get’s off their ass and does what they need to do anyway.

If you’ve been slacking off this winter and are ready to do something about it, I have 5 must do’s to get fit, that I think will be useful for you this winter.

#1 Get some good workouts. How you train, and how often you train, are critical. You want to make sure you’re not wasting your time doing exercises that won’t help you reach your goals. (you’re better off hitting snooze and staying in bed). Instead follow a program, or get a PT, or join a bootcamp, or find a friend who can help you.

#2 Get a good nutrition plan. I recommend doing your research on this one. Understanding what foods are good and bad for you is an essential survival skill. Read some books, listen to some audio’s, watch some YouTube vids, self educate, and follow a plan.

#3 Speak with experts. You wouldn’t ask the guy at the car wash what super fund you should invest in, but you’d ask him how to get that coffee stain out of your passenger seat! Everyone has an opinion. Most of them are wrong. When we’re talking about your health, the advice you take is critical.

#4 Get your team backing you. Who’s your team? Your partner, children, parents, friends, co-workers, your boss, your trainer, your psychologist. Everyone around you must be a positive influence, and supportive of your health goals.

#5 Make the commitment. You MUST commit to a lifestyle change, and you must follow through every day. Every single success i’ve experienced in my life has been a product of my consistent effort and commitment to hard work.

The harder I work, the luckier I get!

And it’s the same for you too.

I hope this helps you in the second half of Winter! 🙂