The 3 Laws Of Fitness… (3 V’s)

These 3 Laws Of Fitness (or the “3 V’s”) Will help you to;

Burn fat FASTER, Build strength FASTER, Tone and sculpt your muscles FASTER, Improve your fitness performance FASTER, and feel great… Yep, FASTER!

It’s “The 3 V’s of Fitness” and here they are…

1. VOLUME – This refers to the AMOUNT of training you’re fitting into your week. When many people become a member at SQ1 Fitness, or if i’m in general “fitness chat” with someone, I often get asked; “Jai, how many times should I be working out each week? Is 2-3 times per week enough?” And the answer is always the same… “Depends on your level of AMBITION, and what you want to achieve!”

Look, If you want to lose a lot of weight, and REALLY change the look of your body shape. And if you want to perform at a very high level of fitness, maybe for a sport, or just to compete with yourself, it takes MORE WORK, AND TIME, AND EFFORT, AND INTENSITY, that you’ve been applying up until this point.

Because if you’ve already achieved your body shape and fitness levels that you desire, you wouldn’t be asking the question would you?? No, you’d be agreeing with me about what’s necessary!

So put simply, you need to first and foremost, ADD MORE VOLUME TO YOUR TRAINING. 

But what does this mean in actionable terms?

It means more frequency. If the goal is weight loss, 7 out of 7 days of the week must be GREAT NUTRITION, and if you want faster results, exercise more!

If strength & endurance is your goal, there’s nothing wrong with exercising every day of the week either. Look, if you’re concerned about “over training” you must understand, that it takes A LOT of work to get to that position. Similar to building “bulky” muscles from weight training. And when (or IF) you get there, you have a high quality problem to deal with, and can adjust from there.

Most people will never experience “over training” or developing “too much muscle”… It’s just not that easy to achieve!

So how can YOU add more VOLUME to your workouts?

2. VARIETY – This is also as critical as Volume is. Because if you’re working out at a high volume, you MUST have variety in your routine, to get a great balance of overall fitness and body symmetry.

For example. Today (after I finish this blog), I’m heading outside for a 5km run. My goal is to get into a good running rhythm as soon as possible, and then progressively increase my speed over the 5kms, so that when I finish, I have completely exhausted my endurance fitness.

Once done, I’ll shower, hydrate, do some more work on the laptop, maybe have a small meal, and then I’ll head into the gym for a weight training workout. I’ll be doing pull ups, back squats, dead lifts, and bench press. This is my full body strength workout to complement my cardio conditioning workout (running).

And later tonight, I’ll work on my flexibility and mobility with a session of stretching and foam rolling.

So that’s just Monday, and i’ll already have 3 workouts in the bag. The rest of my week of training will include a basketball workout tomorrow, more weights and stretching on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And Sunday will be a longer run, approx. 8-10kms, with more stretching and foam rolling.

So how can YOU add more VARIETY to your workouts?


3. VELOCITY – This is what most people don’t consider. Velocity refers to speed. Meaning, we only have 24 hours available to us in each day. So if you’re dedicating 1 hour per day to exercise for example, how much can you do within that 1 allocated hour?

I see some people at the gym, and they spend more time fluffing around, chatting, resting, sipping on their water bottle, and checking facebook every couple of minutes. This is NOT time well spent.

Look, if you’re like most of us, and tight on time, and it’s already a stretch to get yourself to the gym for a workout each day, do you really want to waste that time and effort? DON’T MULTI-TASK when working out!

By using the VELOCITY principle, you will get twice as much out of your workout, simply by putting in twice as much effort and work and focus.

Set your timer for how long you plan on working out for. And maximise that time. If you find that you have a training partner that slows you down, because it’s more of a social gathering for them than it is a workout, It’s time to get more serious and change things up.

Sometimes people say i’m a “serious guy”… Like i’m always serious about everything… Well, I’m not. I’ve chilled out a lot more over the years, and I love to joke around here and there. But when It comes to my success in my life. I’m as serious as it gets! Because i’m ambitious, and have big goals to achieve!

So how can YOU add more VELOCITY to your workouts?


It all seems really simple doesn’t it.

That’s coz it is!

The hard part is your discipline, and ability to be consistent enough to see it through from start to finish. It takes time to change your body. But the less consistent and dedicated you are to your goal, the longer it will take, and in many cases, your goal will never be achieved because your goals and your actions are not aligned.

At the end of the day, nothing beats hard, dedicated, focused and consistent WORK!


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