I Have To Win!

There is a competitive edge to me that runs deep.

But i’m weird… I don’t want to beat other people.

I want EVERYONE to win!

It’s hard to explain, but when my competitive edge comes to surface, it’s always competing with yesterday’s version of me.

Not other people…

Basketball is a perfect example. If I scored 25 points in a game last week, I want 30 points this week. If someone else on my team or the other team scores 31 points I don’t care.

I just want to beat my previous efforts and keep chipping away at getting better.

It’s the same with this body composition scan.

Six weeks ago, I met Richie from a company called “Be All I Can Be” Body Scanning.

You might have seen him in the gym six weeks ago with his body scanning equipment in the office…


Here’s me above, getting my body scan.

It only takes about 5 mins, and it gives you some pretty good data on your body that you couldn’t really get any other way.

It’s not invasive, there’s no radiation, and you don’t have to get naked or anything weird like that…

For example, the scan told me that out of my 80kgs of weight, about 14% of that is body fat.

And my right arm has slightly less muscle and weight as my left arm (probably because i’m mostly left handed)

And my right leg has slightly more muscle and weight as my left leg (which also makes sense to me based on my sporting history and how I use my body)

But for me, I was excited and motivated the most by my “InBody Score” which was 86/100 points.


That’s considered a “high” score by the standard, but going back to my competitiveness, I’m not interested in beating the norm, I’m interested in beating the six weeks ago version of myself!

So fingers crossed, that the work i’ve put in over the past six weeks will give me a score above 86 points tonight! (I think it will)… 🙂

I’ll let you know how I go!

If you would like to join me tonight to get your own body scan, it’s $60 and you can come into the SQ1 Warehouse between 6pm and 8pm tonight to get it done! (30th May, 2017)

It’s a great way to motivate yourself to get better, healthier, stronger, leaner etc…

If you want a scan, let me know and we can get it done together! 😉