Are You In For The Long Term?

So many people aren’t getting what they want in health (and life) because they are “SHORT TERM THINKERS”…

Is this you?

A short term thinker, want’s ALL the results NOW!

They want MASSIVE weight loss, or MASSIVE muscle gain, or MASSIVE wealth, or the BEST relationship ever…

And they want it TODAY! And if they don’t get it right away, they get frustrated and give up on it!

And I get it! Who doesn’t want fast results! I’m with you!

But the problem with short term thinking, is that it leads to short term actions, and short term results!

And what’s the point in that!

Your actions are based on how you think. And your results are based on how you act.

Don’t you want to be lean, fit, and healthy for your entire life?

I do!

I’m 36 years old as I write this, and in another 36 years I want to be even healthier, stronger, leaner and fitter than I am now.

Don’t you want a relationship that’s built on trust and love and commitment?

Don’t you want real wealth that accumulates over time so you can take care of your family, travel, enjoy life and not work your butt off your entire life spending your days doing things you don’t love doing?

Or do you want a quick weight loss drop, a quick buck, and a quick fu… (you know where I was gonna go there)…

Which all don’t last long by the way. These things leave your hands as fast as they come into them.

Long term thinkers are patient.

Long term thinkers do the small things everyday, and KNOW that they are going to pay off BIG TIME!

Long term thinkers work on relationships, they work on building wealth, and they work on building health everyday.

All WITHOUT expectations of instant gratification!

I want you to achieve all of your dreams and wishes in life!
But you just wont get there with this short term mindset.

Be patient.

Get in on the LONG TERM game, and watch your whole life step up to the next level!

I hope this finds you well and helps you on your path to long term health, wellbeing and success…

And I’m interested to know… How long is long term to you?