Why These Foods Are Destroying Your Health!

Interesting fact: Did you know that reading 50 books on 1 topic is equivalent to a doctorate?

As many of you know already… I’m crazy about reading!

But i’m not talking about Harry Potter books (Although I loved the movies)…

I’m talking about NON-Fiction books… More specifically, books that develop me personally by educating me on topics that improve my life.



And a book i’ve been recently powering through (and literally can’t put down) is one called “THE OBESITY CODE” by Dr. Jason Fung.

I have an addiction to reading books and absorbing information that I can apply to my life to improve it, as well as to improve my blog readers and SQ1 Family! (that’s you).In particular, books on health related topics, as that’s what our community are interested in learning, as am I.

So if you’re like most people, and either don’t like reading, or don’t have time to power through a 300+ page book… Don’t worry…

I’ve got your back!

I make reading a priority in my life, because there is a direct return on my investment in time and money when I read informative books and educate myself.

And I can share this with you, to save you time and effort.

I mention the above book for a couple of reasons…

One being that, if you DO like reading, and make time for it. I recommend this book. It’s useful to every living, breathing human being!

And two, if you don’t like reading, and/or don’t have time to read, I’ll be sharing a lot of the knowledge from this book (and others) in this blog, as well as go into further detail in my next workshop.

The Fast & Healthy Fat Loss workshop.

I’ve taken a lot of great information from this book that can help you lose weight permanently… and it’s not the same old dieting story…

You know, lower you calories, exercise more, etc…

Actually, it goes much deeper than that.

There have been extensive studies on obesity and weight loss for over 100 years now. And the research is fascinating!

And useful to you and me!

In “The Obesity Code” Dr. Fung explains that the main cause of weight gain is due to too much insulin. And insulin is increased in the body from refined carbohydrates and sugars…
You know, things like flour based products (breads, pastries, pancakes etc), as well as the usual suspects like lollies, cakes, ice cream, donuts etc…
We all know that sugars are not good for us, but this link to insulin was a real eye opener for me because when insulin levels are high in the body, we become insulin resistant!
This is similar to any other stimulant. Think of an alcoholic for example. The first time they ever drank alcohol they got extremely drunk, and probably sick!! But as an alcoholic, they will drink all day every day and still be able to somewhat function. (At least more so than the first time they drank alcohol)…
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “functional alcoholic” before.
It’s because they become resistant to alcohol, and need MORE to feel “drunk” or get it’s effect!
It’s the same with cocaine, coffee, marijuana… even antibiotics and other medicine! Basically anything that stimulates us or throws us off our neutral state of homeostasis.
When you have too much of something, the receptors that unlock that stimulant or drug switch off, and you don’t get the original effects, which makes it less effective.
The more you consume, the more resistant you become!! (crazy, I know…)
It’s the same with these “super-bugs” that become resistant to pesticides that farmers spray on crops. Or getting a vaccine for a virus. A small amount of the virus is injected, and we build anti-bodies to make us resistant to that virus!
Interesting huh?!
So if too much refined carbs and sugars increase insulin, and too much insulin makes us insulin resistant,
How does this make us gain weight?
Well, being resistant to insulin means that we’re not converting our food to energy effectively, so it stores straight to fat. And when that happens, we get low energy, so feel like eating more.
Thus the obesity epidemic we’re seeing all over the world!

It’s pretty complex and detailed, so to get the full scope you will either have to read the book, or attend my workshop where I’ll go over the theory, as well as strategies for fixing this BIG problem we’re having with insulin resistance and weight gain!

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It’s a system that I’ve created from information i’ve studied and researched not only from the above mentioned book, but also many other books from great minds on the topics of health, weight loss, and longevity!

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Does this sound worthwhile to you?

Is this an investment in time and money (only $40 bucks!), that will give you the return you want?

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