Do This, And Make the World A Better Place.

This message is ironic coming to you in the written word.
Because it’s what we DO that has the greatest impact, not so much what we SAY!

And I want to remind you that YOUR actions, speak much louder than your words.

It’s very easy to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do, or how they should behave, or eat, or treat people.

But how impactful is this message really, If we’re not living a life congruent with what we say?

I always say, never take financial advice from a mechanic.
Or never ask an accountant how to bake a cake…

Why? Because they won’t have mastery in that area which is outside of their main focus.

Ask the mechanic how to fix your car, the accountant how to manage your money, and the baker how to bake a cake.

A very wise mentor of mine always uses the phrase; “Stay in your lane”…

Meaning, what is your specific expertise and passion? If it’s fixing cars, then do that, and only that. Be the best at that, and don’t try to be the expert about other things that you’re not an expert on!

Trying to be an expert at everything leads to you becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Mastery is what our society adores.

Think about Actors, Writers, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Doctors, Teachers, Business leaders etc…

We are often in awe of them!

Mastery is the goal. It’s what gives us the greatest reward and fulfillment. And it’s how we can make the biggest impact on the world!

Last week I was hanging out with David “Avocado” Wolfe while he was in Sydney doing a speaking tour.

Super intelligent guy, very knowledgable on the topics of nutrition, medicine and scientific research on longevity.
Probably the smartest person i’ve ever met in my life.

He has attained mastery in his field. And as a result, lives an amazing life travelling the world, speaking and educating, and has authored 5 books to date. (and is currently working on another two).

He literally doesn’t do anything else.

His whole life is based around his passion. And everyday he lives and breathes it. (and loves it).

After his 3 day seminar we had some time to catch up, and went down to Berry to a great health retreat called “Back 2 Earth” (I highly recommend checking it out). The owners Marc and Jenny are super nice, and they have an amazing space to chill and reconnect with nature.

We were there for 2 days, and while we were there we did alot of bush walks and just soaked up the outdoors.

It was amazing to walk through the bush with David and spot random wild mushrooms growing from trees and the dirt, and to see David rattle off the details of the species of the specific mushroom, whether it was medicinal, poisonous, or good tasting.

He understands plant medicine and nutrition well, and knew which trees had food, and what their nutrition benefits were.

Incredible stuff.

As a health professional, it always inspires me to continue my education on health and longevity when I’m hanging out with David.

Do you know what your passion and skills are?
Are you maximising your talent in your life?

How can you use your natural talents, and your passion to live a life of pure fulfillment and joy in every moment?

When you identify your passion, and focus solely on that as your life purpose and mission, then the world becomes less confusing.

There is so much going on in this information age we are living in. The internet and technology has changed the way we live permanently.

It’s time to simplify.

How do we do this?

By narrowing down what we focus on, and not allowing ourselves to be distracted by all the noise and information that’s flooding our surroundings at every moment!

This is why I do not watch television or listen to radio.

When I’m at home and I want some entertainment and escapism, I’ll opt for a documentary, or read a book.

When I’m driving in my car i’ll listen to music or an audio book instead of the radio or news.

It really makes a big difference to your life, your health, your joy, your purpose, and your ability to master your passion.

Do you need to spend more time on what you adore?

I’m sure there are multiple things you can quit, or give up, or reduce the time spent on them to open up more time to do the things that you love doing!

It’s this strategy of simplicity that makes the world a better place, because it puts you in a position where you can add more value to the world, and receive more fulfillment from life in the process.

There’s nothing better than helping someone else out!

I hope this inspires you to live your life on your terms, and have the courage to go for what you want!

Who knows… You might only live once! 😉

Have the best day ever!