The Power Of Pain

Some people are driven by pleasure, and others by pain.

I always liked to think I was driven by pleasure.

Meaning, “I want to save for a house, so I’ll work hard this year and save as much money as I can”

or, “I want to win our basketball division final, so i’ll put in more hours of practice and work out more”

or, “I want to get lean and reduce my body fat to reveal my abs, so I’ll work on my diet and be committed to eating good”

These are common things people think… This is being driven by pleasure!

But for all of these great things I mentioned, there’s an element of pain behind the drive…

And when I really dig deep, I realised that I’m actually driven more by pain than I am pleasure…

For example.

“I want to save for a house so I can build some long term wealth and be in a strong financial position when I’m old, because the thought of being old and broke scares the sh!t out of me! So i’ll save now”


“I can’t stand that basketball team in our division with the same record as us, and I’ll be so pissed if they beat us, we have to win, I have to train more and get better”


“I feel so sh!t when I put my favorite t-shirt on and have to suck my gut in, and when my favorite shorts are too tight! I have to eat better and drop some weight asap!”

These are the exact same outcomes, but different drivers. The driver of PAIN is more effective on me that the driver of pleasure…

Do I want to have a million dollars and drive a ferrari? Yeah, that would be cool, most people would love that…

But does it get me off my ass?

Not really…

That kind of pleasure, although it’s a nice thought, doesn’t really make me open a savings account, or start working longer hours…

It’s just not me.

What about you?

Are you driven by pleasure or pain?

When it comes to BIG changes in your life, it’s usually brought on via pain.

Like a “Mid-life crisis”…

Now days, I’m talking to more and more people who aren’t even at “mid-life” and the crisis has already arrived!!

What’s that about?

It’s about not following your heart and not doing what you love everyday!

It’s about doing stuff everyday that doesn’t fulfill you.

And it’s about being “stuck” in a situation (work, relationship, financial or other), that is destroying you from the inside out.

So It’s time to change the paradigm…

But there’s one big problem.

And it’s YOU.

You’re the problem.

Just as I was the problem in my own life.

And I say that because if you’re in a situation that is killing you from the inside, it’s because you’re scared to change.

Usually stemming from a lack of self esteem which brings on feelings of fear.

Fear of change, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of not being loved, fear of not being enough!

But what’s more painful?

The fear of taking a risk to improve your life?
or cornering yourself into a life that sucks for you?

Pain is powerful.

Pain got me to where I am today.

Extremely fu#king happy!

My life was depressing between 2006 to 2009.

I came out of a relationship that I thought was “the one”
(it clearly wasn’t in hindsight),

I was working at a job that I had zero passion for,

I was hanging out with people who were up to no good, and not getting anywhere in their lives,

I was struggling to progress in my career because of my lack of enthusiasm,

I was letting my health go, gaining weight, and feeling crap.

And if all this wasn’t enough…

The worst thing ever happened!

I died…

That sounds weird, I know, but I did.

For 3 minutes.

I know a lot of my blog readers know my history, but for those who don’t I’ll keep it brief and give you a short background to what happened, as it relates well to this story.

The short story is I had a rare heart condition that I was not aware of, and In 2008 it became a problem for me.

Imagine having 2 heart beats in 1 heart… That’s what was happening with me, and it created a massive disturbance in my body in a very short period of time, which led to me checking myself into concord hospital.

When I was there, literally within the hour of arriving, I fell into a coma. After 8 minutes non-responsive in a coma, my heart stopped completely and I was clinically dead for 3 minutes.

I was revived via defibrillation thanks to a switched on team at concord ICU!

They literally saved my life!

Without those guys, and everyone involved who helped me that day, I’d be dead, and you wouldn’t be reading this short story.

You wouldn’t even know I existed!

Square One Fitness would not exist either.

You wouldn’t know Kate, or Chris, or Cody or any of the Dream Team at SQ1!

And if you’re one of our members who has had a complete transformation in your health, maybe that wouldn’t have happened either…

Strange thought, the impact you have on the world.

So at that point, I thought the worst was over…

Then came the heart surgery.


What a challenge!

Talk about fear! I literally thought I was done! I wrote good bye letters to my family.

Yes, I was that dramatic! lol.

But I really thought it was my time to go. I was confused, and didn’t know what was happening to me.

And the big question kept surfacing… Why Me?!

It was tough. I cried a lot, and I was scared.


It’s true what they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

And I’m living proof of that.

Today, I’m a BEAST!

Positive, focused, fearless, disciplined, determined, happy, and successful!

I’m clear on my life path, and I follow my heart. I don’t care what people think of me, or say about me.

Would I be the person I am today had I not had this experience?

That’s a definite NO!

Because I was a different person before it. I was indecisive, feared making big decisions about my life, had low self esteem and was scared to fail, and suffered the consequences…

All while complaining about it the whole way.

I made excuse after excuse for myself, as to why I wasn’t experiencing the life I wanted.

Not a good way to live. Not a happy life.

But through all that pain, came power.
I clearly remember the moment of ultimate empowerment that came at one of my darkest hours!

I said the following to myself…

“I can’t control this! I have to get through my surgery, and I have to be brave. And I’ll either live, or I’ll die.
And if I live, I’m gonna make the most of my life. No more excuses. I’m gonna live every moment to the fullest and do everything I ever dreamed of”…

When I woke up out of a successful surgery, I was still a bit shaky. It took me a while to get over the emotion of the situation.

But when I did, I remembered the promise I made to myself, and I became a power house!

I decided on my new life path. And nothing but death itself could stop me!

I turned my health around, changed my diet and took up running to build heart strength.

I completed my education in personal training and life coaching.

Then I quit my job and started SQ1 Fitness.

I worked my ass off (still am), and built a team, I met my wife, built some wealth, bought some assets, grew my business, helped hundred of people with their health and lives…

And i’m only just starting…

The power of Pain is real! And It drives me to this day.

And YOU have to use it too!

It’s a resource we all have inside of us. We all have pain points. Theres areas of your life that suck for you! I know it. You’re human.

You have to use it!

It’s not easy, it takes courage. But it’s worth it!

What’s it gonna take for you to live your best life ever?
Hopefully not a cardiac arrest like me!!

I’m lucky, my health troubles were a blessing in disguise!
They got me off my ass and made me GSD! (Get Shit Done)

And I want this for you too!

And the best place to start is with your health.

If it was impossible to fail, what would you do different?

With your health?
Your career?
Your relationships?
Your wealth?

What’s 1 thing you can focus on changing that will make the BIGGEST impact in your life?

And what’s it gonna take to get you to take action on it?

Big questions I know, but I’m here to challenge you, and make you stronger, in and out!

I share my story because I know it’s crazy, and inspires people. But it’s all for nothing if you don’t act on that inspiration!

And when you act on it, you then inspire others, and it has a ripple effect where together we can completely change the world!

It’s in your hands?? ­čÖé