Friday 13th… Luckiest Day Ever!

Do you let superstition, and old thinking infiltrate your way of life?

I’m talking about the dreaded Friday The Thirteenth!

For me, I was born on the 13th, so I see it as good luck, because being born is a freaking miracle in itself, so to say that the 13th is for some strange reason a bad luck day, it’s just silly to me.

I have a crazy belief that you create your own wellbeing, success, and yes, even luck!

You always hear people say that someone was unlucky because they were struck by bad health, or had a bad relationship, or were ripped off, etc…

To me the whole idea of luck is really a limiting belief.

You’re essentially giving away your power.

What outcomes do you want today, and this weekend.
Do you want to relax on the beach for half the day? Because if that’s what you really want, you’re gonna do it, and have the best time ever…

Does that mean you need to make some form of sacrifice? Yeah, of course. You might have to take a day off work, or you might have to get up earlier to get some housework done before you leave the house.

But if that day on the beach is important enough for you, you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Defining your outcomes are what so called “lucky” people do.

You’re not really “lucky” because you spent the day on the beach. You set the outcome, and made it happen because it was important enough for you to get your butt of the couch and go and do it!

Link this back to your state of health, your relationships, your job, your income, your home, the car you drive, the size of your waistline…

It all comes back to the idea of defining the outcome you want, and finding compelling enough reasons to make you get off your butt and do the things that will give you that outcome.

Is your waistline 10cm or 20cm or even 50cm bigger that you would like it to be?

Why is that?

Is it bad luck? No, it’s not defining what you want your waistline to actually be, and doing the things you need to do to get what you want.

Look, I’m a big, big believer it the idea that whatever you want in life you can have. But you’ve got to go and take it. There are no handouts in life.

So we need to get more focused about what will make us happy.

For some it might be a flashy car, and for others a flashy car might seem stupid.

So do you spend your time and energy focusing on how stupid the person is who wants a flashy car? (if thats how you feel about it), or do you say, good for them, now it’s time to get mine. Whether its a flashy car, a loving husband or wife, or a slim waistline… Nothing is stupid if it makes you happy.

What IS stupid is to give your power away to “LUCK” and not take responsibility for identifying your desired outcomes for your life, and working your butt off to achieve them.

It’s obvious i’m in the health and fitness space, and there was a time when I didn’t have perfect health and fitness. My waistline was bigger that it is today, I didnt feel great, both emotionally, and physically.

I turned my health around.

Not because I’m lucky!

But because I got clear on what was important to me, and what I wanted out of my life.

I stopped listening to negativity, and people who tried to limit me. I set my own path based on my clear outcomes that I wanted, and guess what!? I achieved many great things!

And I still am!

Life is constantly putting you in a position where you have the opportunity to prosper and succeed.

Every problem has a solution.

And the first problems to solve are your personal health, wellbeing and happiness.

It’s not being lucky, or unlucky. It’s taking life by the horns, and moulding your life exactly how you want it!

Let’s G.S.D (get shit done) this weekend, and make it the best ever!

Have a great Friday the 13th, and weekend ahead!