Do You Push Yourself?

This week I was chatting to a member about effort in workouts.

As in, how much effort you are putting into your workouts and how it has a direct impact on your results from exercise.

When you’re looking at exercise purely from a calorie burn perspective, no two people will burn the same amount of calories in a single workout.

So to say that ‘xyz workout’ is a 500 calorie burning workout, would be impossible to do.



Let’s take 1 minute of squats as an example.

If you’re doing 1 squat every 3 seconds, and you’re not using your full range of movement, and i’m doing 1 squat every 2 seconds, with my full range of movement, I’m getting more out of the exercise.

I’m burning more calories, building more leg strength, and because i’m moving faster, my cardiovascular system is getting a better workout than yours.

So if i’m doing 1 minute of squats, I want to get the most out of it, therefore, I’ll be going through a full range, (meaning, getting my bum as close to the ground as possible), and i’ll be doing them as fast as I can.

It’s not just the physical benefits that you get when you push yourself in a workout. The mental and hormonal benefits are also magnified too!

Some people just don’t push themselves hard enough in their workouts to get the fast results.

So I’m interested to know… Have you been half-assing your workouts this year?

Can you push yourself more in each session, to get faster, better results?

If an intensity level of 80% or higher of your maximum effort is the benchmark, how do you think you rate with your own personal intensity level in your workouts?

Are you in the 80+ zone?

Or are you below that?

And what about other areas of your life, like your work and your relationships?

Are you operating on all cylinders in those areas?
If no, maybe a great way to improve that is with your workouts.

Start upping the intensity of your training.

See where it takes you! :)

Have a great day!!