Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal? …Really?!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”!

It’s been said for generations… But is it true?

The answer is Yes… AND No!

And the reason for the confusing answer is because it all depends on your goals, your current state of health, and what your body needs!

For example…

Meet Joe.

Joe is 27, 80kgs, 175cm tall, and plays rugby league. He want’s to improve his fitness, strength, and add some more muscle onto his body while staying lean to help him in his sport.

Joe also works in a physical job as a tradie and is constantly on his feet.

Should Joe eat breakfast? Yes.

Joe wants to add muscle to his body, as well as be a high performer in his sport. This requires a high intensity workout routine, and high calorie intake. Joe would get the best benefit if his breakfast routine was starting with water, at least 1 litre, followed by a protein/fresh fruit smoothie followed by a mid morning meal a couple of hours later consisting of a protein, and vegetables. (500-800 cals).

Joe would then have another 500-800 cal meal at lunch.

But not everyone works out and burns as many calories as Joe. So this isn’t the best option for everyone!

Meet Josephine.

Josephine is 34, also 80kgs, 140cm tall, and is a mum with a 2 year old and a 5 year old. She is also on her feet all day as a busy mum, but wants to lose weight and increase her energy!

Should Josephine eat breakfast? No.

Because Josephine’s two main goals are to lose weight and increase energy, she is better off having a breakfast routine of 1 litre of water with squeezed fresh lemon first thing, followed by a green vegetable juice, or a green smoothie.

Josephine should also schedule a morning workout in that consists of high intensity interval training, and breathing. (like a tabata, cardio class, bootcamp, weights or yoga).

20 mins is all it takes every morning, and this will boost Josephines energy for the day.

Post workout, Josephine should snack on raw vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, grapes, etc… (low calorie) as well as another litre of water before lunch.

Lunch would be a salad with some protein (up to 500 cals).

So you can see the difference and why it’s not a black and white answer.

What about someone who is suffering with an illness?

Meet Harry.

Harry is 48 years old, weighs 70kgs and is 180cm tall.
Harry has worked in an office (sedentary) career his whole life, and has done little exercise. He also is suffering with digestion problems, high blood pressure, and a fungal skin infection (rash) that breaks out when he gets over stressed from work and life.

Should Harry eat breakfast? No.

Harry needs to cleanse, clear, and unclog his body from toxicity. He also needs to reduce his blood pressure, and have more regular bowel movements.

Harry should start his day with 1 litre of water with lemon, followed by 1 litre of green vegetable juice over the morning.

Harry should not eat any food at all until lunch. And it should be a salad with lot’s of different vegetables in there.

Harry should also add in some light exercise such as walking, cycling, or yoga into his morning routine.

A highly alkaline focused diet is best for Harry to heal his body. When we have too much acidity in our bodies we get sick, lethargic, and that’s how disease builds up in our body.

Being overweight is an early symptom of acidity in the body. But not everybody has the genetics to store body fat as well as others. This means the symptoms are not always obvious.

Mental energy, clarity, and peace are a great indicator of your pH levels (acidic or alkaline).

Also having lot’s of aches and pains in the body is a symptom of acidity too.

Unfortunately many of us choose to maintain the lifestyle that created the problem, and then mask the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs.

This is the worst thing you could ever do!

Sometimes medication is unavoidable.
But it should never be relied on as the cure to any illness or disease. It’s purely to mask symptoms.


If you have a headache do you take panadol immediately to get rid of it? or do you drink more water and lie down for 10 mins? (maybe you’re just dehydrated?)

But the panadol is so effective as a pain relief, we’d rather pop the pills and get on with it.

Are you still dehydrated? Yes. Is the problem still there? Yes. You just can’t notice it because you’ve blocked off your pain signals in your body that alert you when there’s a problem!

Yikes!! Sounds crazy right??

The only way to heal your body is with a healthy lifestyle, not by masking your pain with drugs.

Hopefully this makes you have a think about your level of health, and how you manage that.

Also have a look around at the lifestyles of the people you know. Are there some who could make some healthy changes and increase their quality of life by 10x?

So i’m interested to know what are your healthy goals?

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day for you?

I’d love to hear about what works for you, and what you think will get you to your goal.

Let me know! I’d love to bounce ideas off you or answer any questions for you.

Have the best day ever! :)