4 Common Things That Stop Weight Loss

In 2016 we’ve helped (so far) more than 200 people,
lose a combined weight of 1000+kgs…

That’s literally “A Tonne” of weight! :)

But as good as all that sounds, we’ve FAILED to help just as many people who have come to SQ1 Fitness for weight loss, and haven’t reached their goal.

And so over that time, I’ve learn’t the 4 most common things that put a DEAD STOP to weight loss!

And I think you will get value from me sharing them, so here they are…

1. Being “Stuck In Your Old Ways”!
This is where you do things because that’s how they’ve always been done, and you haven’t thought twice about changing things that might be holding you back. It’s also about not having an open mind to new research, information, and strategies for better health. This also relates to habits such as laziness and over-indulging.

Solution: Be honest with yourself about what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Have an open mind to try new things. Tap into your intuition. Particularly when you’re making food choices. Don’t get too fixed on any way, and be flexible. Break the old routine, build a better, healthier one, and embed it with repetition.

2. Not Believing In Yourself!
Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as we really are. Really, we are the most sophisticated, amazing, miracle in the entire universe! We have capabilities and creativity that NO OTHER living organism has! YOU are a miracle of nature! Our limits are way further than what we perceive. Not believing you can lose weight and getting your ideal, healthy body is small thinking. And it limits you.

Solution: Think BIG! You will only achieve what you believe is possible. Understand that you can achieve perfect health, and with that belief, set the (sometimes long) path for yourself to achieve that, and don’t stop until you get there! Stay positive. The most positive person always wins. Always…

3. Putting Others Before Yourself!
This is doing everything for everyone, to the detriment of your health, and sanity! It’s saying YES to everyone and everything. Not being able to say NO.
It’s feeling guilty for doing something for yourself. It’s ultimately, not practicing self love, and this leads to everyone in your life taking you for granted.

Solution: Set your boundaries. What is necessary for you to improve health and weilbeing? Doing the things that matter to you first, will give you the wellbeing to be more effective at helping others who need it. (Remember that you can’t help someone by doing everything for them). Lead by example.

Be The Change You Want To See In Others ~ Gandhi

4. Not Self-Educating!
This relates to wasting time consuming useless information such as TV programs, gossip, and bad news. Not dedicating any personal development time into your day, because you’re “too busy” with other things that are urgent, but not as important as your personal development.

Solution: Learn more about practical solutions to your problems. Read books, listen to podcasts, go to seminars, sign up for online courses, get a mentor, or coach, or therapist, or someone who can help you develop yourself more and overcome your challenges.

Note on Time:

You will not be able to “make time” for any of this stuff, because there is no more time to make!… You still only have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else!

Instead make yourself do more in the existing time you have. You can do that by getting organised, prioritising, and doing the important things FIRST, not putting them last.

A small amount of planning, goes a LONG way! :)

So i’m interested… What’s held you back in the past, or what’s holding you back right now from losing weight?

talk soon,


P.S. Oh, and all of that stuff I mentioned above is not easy by the way, so don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the explanation. It takes hard work, and effort to be able to do these things… But you’re capable of that too, so it’s totally up to you. :)