Give Yourself Some Love

A big part of being healthy, getting fit, and losing weight
is giving yourself love.

It’s certainly a different perspective, however it’s our perspective that determines our life.

Think about it, if you have a perspective that going to the beach is dangerous because you could drown in the ocean, or get eaten by a shark, you’re probably not going to like the beach very much.

And if your perspective of the beach is relaxation, nature, energising your body in the cool ocean water, breathing in fresh ocean air, absorbing some needed vitamin D from the sun, then you probably LOVE the beach!

Regardless of the two different perspectives, the beach is the beach. It doesn’t change what it is for you, you decide what it is to you.

We often set these unconscious limits on ourselves. And they come from what we tell ourselves over and over.

Things like “fitness isn’t for me, i’m too self conscious to go to the gym” or “I can’t exercise, i’m too unfit”

This perspective only hurts you. It backs you into a corner giving you a perception that there are no options.

The emotions that follow from this perspective will be undesirable also.

It’s your perspective on life that will lead you to your actions. And these actions will give you a result. Could be positive, could be negative.

But know that there will always be an outcome, whether you like it or not.

So by evaluating your perspective on health, fitness, weight loss etc, you are giving yourself a chance to make a new, more positive perspective which will lead to positive actions, and positive outcomes.

I encourage you to evaluate your perspectives for everything in your life.

Your relationships, family, friends, your career, your routine, your interests, your diet. Everything!

Once you have a positive perspective on things, they get better! So let’s start with your health.

It’s my perspective that when you prioritize your health above all, it makes everything in life easier. And it makes you happier.

It’s also my perspective that taking care of my health is the ultimate expression of self love. That then boosts my self esteem, and gives me confidence.

So i’m interested… What’s your perspective on your health, and how is that impacting you today?

Could you do with a little more self love?

Try evaluating your perspectives on your health, and aim for a more positive, optimistic view point for a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.

Have a great day!