Your Quick Fix Pill Doesn’t Work

When I was a young fella working on my craft (which at the time was my basketball skills), I would spend hours, upon hours, upon hours practicing just ONE single move, or shot from a particular spot on the court.

I would stand at the free throw line and literally shoot THOUSANDS of shots over HOURS upon HOURS…

And I would train my legs EVERYDAY for YEARS so that I could jump high enough to dunk a basketball, which is a challenging task when you think about getting a basketball up and over a 10 foot height.

I would also stand out behind the three point line and literally shoot hundreds of shots from the exact same spot over and over until my accuracy increased.

I have no doubt that I put in more hours than anyone in the comps that I used to play in. From high school teams, to rep league, to social mens competitions.

Some guys had more natural talent that I did, some were bigger, taller, stronger, and faster, but regardless of genetics, I was always in the top 5% of players anywhere I played.

And for me, it had nothing to do with natural talent.

It had everything to do with my OBSESSION to be the best I could be.

This obsession drove me to spend so many hours practicing, and the universal law of cause and effect turned those hours of practice into me becoming a great basketball player.

And what I noticed way back, even when I was in 7th grade of high school, was that no one was putting in the hours like I was, and I knew that it gave me the edge.

(I sacrificed getting good school grades, by playing basketball instead of studying as much as I could have, but it was a decision that I knew at the time, so when I didn’t get A’s I wasn’t surprised)

Whenever I saw guys practicing, or playing, it annoyed me that I wasn’t out there practicing and playing too. So I’d go even harder and push myself even more, and put in more hours!

Like I said, I was obsessed!

And I’m like that to this day, but it’s just translated across from basketball to other things, like living healthy, keeping fit, and growing my business.

Which leads me to this insight that I had this week.

And it’s that most people have unrealistic expectations of themselves.

What I mean by that is I see people getting frustrated for lack of results, or slow results, whether it’s in weight loss, building muscle, getting healthy, and even building their businesses.

And for the most part, these people just aren’t putting in the hours and effort that’s required to get what they want!

Hard work is strangely underestimated.

We have this idea of an “overnight success”, but the truth is that there is no such thing.

If you look deeper into ANYONE who has great success in ANYTHING, particularly at an elite level such as athletes, musicians, artists, or business people, you will find something in common with them all.

And that’s is that no one knew who they were, or how hard they worked and for how many hours, days, weeks, months, and even years, before their “success” was recognised.

It’s the same with weight loss, and getting your ideal body and health.

Think about how long it takes to get OUT of shape, and gain weight! (often a lifetime)…

I think it’s unrealistic to think that all of that accumulated weight will come off in a few short weeks or even months!

But there is a secret sauce to fast tracking your results, but even still, it’s no “overnight” change!

And it’s to GET OBSESSED!

When you’re obsessed with achieving a desired result, you’re focused on it 100% of the time, and what we think is what we become.

There’s a great book (a classic) by James Allen called “As A Man Thinketh” – If you haven’t read it, here’s the audio book link from YouTube;


Play it on the way home from work today, it’s under an hour and could change your life forever!

In this book, James Allen explains that whatever you think about, you create in your life.

People who spend a lot of time worrying about getting sick, are the ones who often get sick.

And the people who spend a lot of time thinking about getting healthy, will get healthy.

Thoughts need to turn into actions, and when that happens, our lives change.

I consider myself a very healthy person. I think about how I can become healthier all the time. I’m interested in learning and becoming healthier.

I became obsessed with longevity when I had a serious health scare. It changed the way I think, and therefore live my life.

If 1 day goes by where I don’t feel like i’ve eaten enough vegetables, or drank enough water, it annoys me. And I make sure I do a better job the following day at being healthy.

Things like longevity, weight loss, strong muscles etc, only come from an accumulation of small things done consistently over time.

Most people just don’t have enough patience.

There’s literally no other way. There’s no magic pill! (not yet at least anyway)… Who knows what future technology holds, but for now, we have to do the small stuff everyday, and focus our attention towards what we want! Not what we fear, or hate, or what makes us sad, or depressed.

Misery loves company. Have you heard that saying before?

I never understood it for a long time, until I started to observe miserable people.

I noticed that they dwell in their pity, and try to get everyone around them to buy into their bullish!t.

It’s strange. But it’s a real thing.

We have to make sure that we’re not dwelling in the things that bring us down, and rather focusing on the things that bring us UP!

We can all be HIGH together! High on life, and health, and happiness, and success!

But we can’t achieve any of it without putting in the hard, consistent, work.

Unfortunately it’s a pill most people can’t swallow. But it’s the only pill for success and health.

Where are you at with this?

Do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself compared to the effort you apply to that area of your life?

Time to reality check it. Then get to work.

There’s no day’s off when it comes to you getting what you want.

You instead of being hard on yourself, maybe change your approach, and be more disciplined, patient, and positive, and see how that works out for you.

It works for me, it works for everyone… But not everyone does the work.

Time to evaluate!

Have a great Thursday night, and Looong weekend ahead! :)