You Can’t Tell Me Shit…

This week I’m SUPER PUMPED because were just days away from our next weight loss challenge and we have a group of amazing people joining us.

AND… We’ve just come off our most successful weight loss challenge EVER… And I have a feeling this one is going to be even better!

These guys have committed to better health and are serious about making big changes. I’ve got so much respect for people who actively take ownership of getting healthier.

There’s 2 ways people look at personal health.

Some don’t own their health at all. They don’t believe that they can change it, improve it, or do anything themselves to better their situation. (these people often take a lot of medication to mask symptoms, rather than remove them permanently). This is always a disaster recipe for bad health going worse!

I identify these people as those living at the effect of everything happening to them. Meaning, they don’t have a sense of control over their health, rather they are a victim of poor health.

This is a mindset that overflows into every area of their lives. And it’s a fast track to an unhealthy, unhappy life.

Others own it! They believe that they can actually change their health, make it better, lose weight, feel great, get fit!

I identify these people as those who are at the cause of everything happening to them. Meaning, they believe that they have full control over their state of health.

This mindset also overflows into all areas of their lives, and is a fast track to a healthy, happy life.

It’s my job to empower people to own their health and be the cause of their good health, not be a victim of poor health and make excuses about it, or be defeated by it.

Most of the major health issues that we see happening around the country today are completely lifestyle induced.

Diabetes… High blood pressure… Anxiety… Depression… High Stress… Heart disease… Obesity… Even cancer.

Lifestyle and mindset.

My health wasn’t always the best. I wasn’t born running half marathons, meditating, lifting weights and eating organic vegetables and drinking wild harvested spring water everyday.

Actually when I was a kid, all the way up to my 20’s I was super skinny! And I had a complex about it. (being super skinny can be just as emotionally damaging as being super fat)!

I decided that I didn’t want to be the “skinny kid” any more. So I changed. I owned it, and I made lifestyle changes.

I wanted to have more muscle on my body so I became obsessed with building muscle and weight training.

I used to buy “FLEX Magazine” (body building mag) every month and read it cover to cover… I knew the day it hit the news agency, and I’d be there that morning to buy my copy without fail. I would literally ready every letter printed in the magazines. Even the ads and everything! (like i said, I was obsessed).

But it didn’t stop there. I also read books on sports nutrition, weight gain, muscle gain, weight lifting, strength training… (this all started in my teens, so it’s no surprise that I became a Personal Trainer down the track).

Eventually (and it was a slow process), I changed my body. I stuck with it, practiced patience, stayed consistent, and slowly but surely, I didn’t look like a skinny little runt anymore!

Success was mine!

Now I didn’t take it to the next level and get MASSIVE like the guys in FLEX magazine like Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates… But I didn’t really want to.

I was playing a lot of basketball, and doing lot’s of martial arts at the time, and I was more interested in improving my performance and speed in my sports, and having 50cm biceps was kinda counter productive for my lifestyle and goals. I just didn’t want to be identified as “skinny” anymore.

Then the opposite happened…

When I got to my mid/late 20’s I started to work a lot more, play basketball and practice martial arts a lot less, socialise a lot more, eat a lot more junk food.

I had more money to spend, and a lot of it went on partying and travelling around the world… (yes, drugs and alcohol were a big part of it)… We all have our history right?

No shame. I learn from doing, not from being told what to do…

You can’t tell me sh!t. (Probably why I run an independent business, and am my own boss). I learn from my mistakes, and I’ve made plenty of them, and not afraid to make more.

That’s just how I roll.

So after years of working at a desk and over consuming, I started to get a belly! (worst thing ever)!!

I went from the skinny kid to being chubby with belly fat! (again… worst thing ever)!!!

So then came my research into weight loss, nutrition, and getting a deeper understanding of how the body responds to different types of exercise and lifestyles.

By the time I went for the big career change to become a Personal Trainer, I had a massive advantage over my fellow class mates. And I didn’t really learn a lot in my PT course, because I’d been interested in it for such a long time and had consumed so much info in the topic that I hit the ground running.

I learn’t something SUPER important. And it was that your career, and your lifestyle, is absolutely connected and related to your quality of health.

Health goes way deeper than working out and cutting out junk food. Yeah, it’s a huge part of it, but not the be-all-end-all.

I’m sure you’ve got an up and down story of your life just like me. And I’m sure you’ve gone through healthy periods, skinny periods, and fat periods… Or maybe you’ve been one or the other for the majority of your life.

Either way, whatever your situation. You can change it.

Your body wants to be healthy and at optimal weight for your height, gender and age.

The problem is our lifestyle and our mindset. What we believe we can be, do and have.

The reason why I don’t listen to most people’s opinions, is because most people’s opinions are infected with limited and negative beliefs. These opinions are projected onto others, and it becomes contagious.

Instead, I go with my intuition. I connect to my inner feeling of what feels good and bad, and I go from there.

Health is only confusing when you listen to too many different opinions.

I encourage you to NOT listen to me, or anyone else, and go with your intuition.

There isn’t a soul on earth that know’s what’s best for you more than YOU know what’s best for you!

It takes courage to listen to your heart. Especially with everyone crapping in your ear about what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Make your own decisions, empower yourself and don’t be afraid to try stuff, and especially don’t be afraid to fail! It’s the best way to learn, grow, and become a better, healthier, more awesome human being!

If you like my philosophy, you will love my weight loss strategy.

I focus on 4 key areas.

1. Nutrition

2. Hydration

3. Rejuvenation

4. Exercise

It’s not rocket science. It’s about building healthy habits everyday, being patient, and understanding yourself… AND, not listening to negative bullish!t talkers.  

Get even more serious about your health and fully commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Time is our greatest asset, and I don’t want yours wasted. Use the above 4 strategies to get on the fast track. 

Have the best Thursday ever! :)