What It Takes To Be…

I can’t remember the exact moment, but it was around the time I was in the 5th Grade of Primary school. I was about 9 or 10 years old.

I saw Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan on TV playing basketball. And from that moment I was in love with the game of basketball so much that it was all I cared about and wanted to do.

Very much to the detriment of my grades in school…

All through out high school my “plan” was to be a professional athlete. My goal was to play in the NBL (National Basketball League) for the Sydney Kings as my full time career.

It didn’t happen…

I was kinda annoyed at first, but I learn’t a great lesson from it. That great lesson was that a dream wasn’t enough.

A rock solid strategy, and execution plan was just as critical to get me there…

You see, I didn’t actually have a plan on HOW I was going to be a professional athlete.

And that’s where I went wrong.

I’ve taken that lesson on board, and I still dream BIG… Probably BIGGER than before. But I also have a strategy and plan to go along with those dreams.

And that’s where I see a lot of people go wrong. There’s no shortage of big dreamers, but there is a shortage of practical application and strategy.

So that’s why I want you to think about this concept related to your health.

Do you plan on living to 100+ years with perfect health? (that’s one of my personal goals).

If you want this to it’s not going to happen if you’re not taking care of yourself today.

Every breath you take leads to an outcome. Good and Bad.


If you’re shallow breathing all the time you never get relaxed, and can become anxious.

Deep breathers can take their body and mind to a state of peace and tranquility (even with chaos happening around them).

Heavy hard breathers (people exercising and keeping fit) are cleansing, detoxifying, and strengthening their bodies and minds.


Every action, thought, step you take in your day today has an outcome that it will lead to.

Imagine that for a moment.

What will your choice of lunch lead to over time?

What impact will your decision on what time to go to bed tonight have on you in the coming week.

If you choose to do other things instead of exercise this week what result with that bring for you by this time next week.

How will you feel? Think? talk to yourself?

Here’s What It Takes To Be Anything you want to be…

Take it seriously enough to consider what effort is actually required, and evaluate yourself on what you’re doing today to get to that desired place.

Get a plan together with some ideas on what actions are needed, at what frequency, for how long, and when they need to be done. Write it out, don’t just keep it in your head.

Get Sh!t Done everyday with no distractions. Lock in what you want and what needs to be done and just do it! There’s no replacement for action.

Most of us are just constantly distracted by unimportant things, and it eats up our time, and we think we don’t have time to improve ourselves and our health.

But time isn’t the issue, it’s the constant distractions in every moment throwing us off our target. How we respond to distractions will determine our level of success.

If we can see the true value in health we can get better at dealing with distractions and prioritising.

We have to take care of ourselves FIRST!

It’s like when you get on an airplane and they talk you through the emergency info. They say put your own mask on first, then help those around you.

Sorting out your nutrition, fitness, health and lifestyle is like putting your mask on first.

What do you need to do to fine tune and upgrade going into Spring?

Get strict on your routines and habits! That’s where your focus is best spent! :)

Have the best day,