Mental Health… Are You Insane?!

You hear me talk about nutrition, hydration, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. But there’s also another part of “health” that we often overlook…

And it’s our mental health.

Let me ask you. Are you stressed?

If so, what is the cause of your stress?
Is it worthy of stressing you and impacting you life?

Sometimes we become numb to our stresses because we have lived with them for so long.

We develop a belief system that tells us that we can’t change our situation because it’s always been like that.

Not unlike being overweight your entire life and settling with a lower quality of health.

Or being in a relationship where you’re being abused, bullied, or belittled and staying in it because your confidence has been broken from years of damage.

These are all common and serious issues that we need to consider for ourselves.

Your standards dictate the quality of your life.

So I want to highlight the stresses in your life, rather than suppress them.

Here’s some common stresses that you might have today.

> Family
> Work
> Poor Health
> Financial difficulties
> Relationship issues
> Taking on too much (can’t say no)
> Not following your passion (settling for less)
> Having a lack of purpose in life

There are so many different circumstances, situations, and events that can stress us out. Sometimes we put ourselves under stress to complete a task by a deadline, or accomplish a goal.

I’m not overly concerned about this type of stress, and think that this can be a good thing to accomplish a worthy goal or task.

Getting your tax return done for example is something that can be resolved in a short timeframe. That’s just about putting the time aside and grinding through it until it’s done.

The type of stress that concerns me is usually around poor health, bad relationships, and being locked into a career, or job that you hate and settling for less or putting yourself last.

This can really take it’s toll on your health, and overall joy in life.

I’ve experienced it all. I’ve had poor health, been in bad relationships, and been in a career that was draining the life out of me.

They all intertwine, and effect each other.

If you were to rate your levels of stress today on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being low to no stress, and 10 being high stress,
where would you be on the scale?

It’s of great importance to your quality of life to deal with your stress proactively!

It can be confronting, challenging, and downright scary!!

But you gotta do it! Because if you don’t it get’s worse!

It’s the challenges of life. They can be hard lessons. But they all lead to a positive outcome when you set the best intentions and do everything you can to improve your situation.

In 2007 I travelled to the other side of the world solo to take myself out of my comfort zone and improve my social skills and overcome my shyness. (I was a very shy kid growing up) – I grew a lot as a person from travelling on my own.

In 2008 due to unforeseen circumstances, I was in a coma, had a cardiac arrest and 2x lots of heart surgeries. (you want to talk about scary? I can tell you all about it).

And in 2010 I left my high paying six figure I.T career of 13 years to start a business that I knew literally nothing about and had no experience in. (Most people thought I was either stupid, or crazy… or both).

Today I live life as a different person compared to before I had these experiences.

In a way, I forget who I used to be because i’ve changed so much.

My comfort zone is larger, my confidence is higher, and my expectations of my self (and of others) is greater… (which sometimes isn’t the best thing for me as I can be let down by people that I think can be, do and have more in their lives).

I don’t consider myself a “normal” person. Because I think it’s “normal” to accept a bad situation in your life.

Most people seem to (and not everyone of course), but most, settle for less.



Fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of being found out, fear of not being loved, fear of success and what that will bring, fear of death… The list goes on.

Fear drives most people.

I say F**K Fears!

They are just stories that we make up in our heads about a situation or circumstance.

If you really want something bad enough, you will do anything to get it.

That’s living with passion.

A big concern to me is seeing so many people not living with passion. And because of this, there is no drive or urgency in their activity. There is no little voice in their heads saying “Just f**king do it!”

Some times we have to suck it up and GSD… Thats short for GET SH!T DONE!

The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is make a decision.


Do you want to change your health? DECIDE!

Do you want to have more loving relationships? DECIDE!

Do you want a better career or more financial stability? DECIDE!

Whatever it is that you’re not happy with in your life, you must DECIDE to make a change. When you make a decision it’s like gravity lifting off you. You feel light as though your floating in a blissful state of relief and joy!

Making a decision is the hardest part. Once you’ve done that, the fun, adventure, growth, and life begins!

My intention is to inspire you to get the most out of life and overcome your stresses, and limiting beliefs, and fears!

Choose a better life today!

And have the best day ever…