5 Bad Habits That Stop Weight Loss

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Many people often “plateau” with their weight loss after a few weeks, and sometimes days, and unfortunately it happens to be the majority of us!

Why does it happen?

How can we avoid it?

Here are 5 BAD HABITS you might be making that’s put a STOPto your weight loss!

Try and avoid these bad habits to keep your weight loss consistent.

Bad Habit #1 – Dehydration

This is the first bad habit on the list because it’s so common. The good thing about this is it’s super simple to break this habit.

For weight loss you want to aim for a minimum of 3 litres of water every day.

Good quality spring water hydrates your cells more efficiently and is recommended.

A dehydrated body cannot lose weight.

Bad Habit #2 – No Weekly Plan

I’m convinced that most people’s weight gain is primarily due to a lack of being organised and having a plan.

It’s the universal law of “cause and effect”. You can be the cause of your weight loss by planning and taking the appropriate actions,

or you can be at the effect of your weight gain by applying minimal effort and blaming your surroundings.

Setting a plan for the next 7 days ahead brings you one step closer to consistent weight loss.

Bad Habit #3 – No Transparency

Being healthy and losing weight is not a dirty little secret!

When you let the world know that you are on a mission to improve your health and reduce your weight, the world will support you.

When you keep it a secret, you will always be challenged.

If you are embarrassed about your current state of health, that’s more reason to face it front on, and let everyone know that you need their support by not tempting you with things that take you back to your old habits.

If the people around you love you, you will always be supported. If you don’t get the support you ask for, you might need to seek out a supportive, like-minded community.

Either way, be bold and live in a way that best serves you first. (It’s just like the oxygen mask in an airplane, apply your mask first, then you can better help others).

Bad Habit #4 – Unclear/undefined goal

Confusion, lack of clarity, not knowing what you want. All these things are a common bad habit for weight loss and health seekers.

Common plateau’s come when someone sets a goal to lose 5kgs, they achieve their goal, and then fail to expand their goal out to losing 10kgs or whatever the next step is for them. That lack of clarity of what’s next brings them to a stop.

If you don’t have an exciting, important goal that get’s you moving, you simply won’t move.

I write out my goals every morning to remain clear about what I want to achieve, and my day is mapped out to get me closer to achieving my goals.

Bad Habit #5 – No Accountability

Most of us need that little extra push from external accountability to stay on track.

All winners have coaches. Athletes, performers, business owners, exec’s, and students.

Get a support crew, a coach, a friend, a trainer, a mentor, a community, someone who will keep you honest and motivated to keep moving forward!

How many of these bad habits do you have?

Are they holding back your weight loss and health progress?

Progress = Happiness

It’s important for you to be healthy and happy.
More important than anything else.

We can all make improvements. None of us are perfect.
But all of us can be healthy and happy!

We’ve gotta work for it, because it doesn’t come from doing nothing! So where can you step up your game?

What bad habits are you going to stop from today?

Have an awesome, (happy and healthy) day! 🙂