To Help YOU Get Toned, Lean, Fit & Strong In 2020!


👉 I’m Jai, the founder of SQ1, and along with my wife Kate, we are a private, family owner/operator, independent fitness studio. We have been providing group fitness classes and personal training to our community since 2010.



👉  You’re not just another number at SQ1 Fitness. We work closely to support every member by providing a personalised service including but not limited to;


✅  Getting clear on your goals, and building a unique plan of attack that will deliver speedy results for you


✅  Creating a customised nutrition plan to suit your goals and needs, be it fat loss, toning, building muscle etc.


✅  A training method targeting balance, coordination, posture, fat loss, and strength to your body


✅  New habits for fast recovery, strong immune system, and overall wellbeing, health and fitness


If you want to start a health & fitness program that covers all bases from workouts to diet to lifestyle, try the 21 Day New Starter Program at SQ1 Fitness.

Here Are Some Common Benefits From Our Program:


✅ Fitness Level and Strength Increases, and Posture Improves


✅ Flexibility Increases, and Overall Movement Improves


✅ Feeling Happier And More Energetic


✅ Better Sleep


✅ A Healthier Overall Lifestyle Is Established


✅ Fitting Into Your Clothes Better, And Feeling Confident

🔥 ‘The support and expert advice from Jai and Kate, along with great workouts, diet support, and regular check ins makes this more than just another gym or workout program.’

– Craig (member since 2016)

🔥 ‘SQ1 Fitness is the best!! Jai and Kate have helped me turn my health around. They are fantastic, knowledgeable and supportive! And they practice what they preach! AND.. The community is super friendly and awesome!’ – Isobella (member since 2018)

🔥 ‘Loving SQ1 Fitness!! The support from Kate and Jai is second to none. The workouts are varied and challenging. And best of all, the program really works!’ – Kiera (member since 2017)

If you’re looking for effective workouts and a great friendly gym vibe, this program and SQ1 Fitness is PERFECT for you…  If you live or work in the area and need to get fit, then let’s do this!! 💪

Check Out One Of Our Home Follow-Along Workouts Below!